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♪ ♪ i'm not just someone who's quitting with chantix and support, -i'm your coworker. -teammate. -friend. -friend. [ male announcer ] over 7 million people nationwide have talked to their doctor about chantix. chances are, you could be one of them. and now through march 31st visit for a limited time money saving offer and for terms and conditions. we have confirmed a shooting at the frankfurt international airport. the shooting involved a u.s. military shuttle bus. someone got on the bus and started shooting.
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two are confirmed dead. we believe they're two u.s. soldiers. one person has been taken into custody. again we know two are killed. it is reported that those are two u.s. soldiers. the incident is over, the airport is operating as usual. this is out of frankfurt. as soon as we get more detail, we get to fred out of berlin. the u.s. supreme court is reaffirming the first amendment right to free speech even if it is painful and ugly. in an 8-1 decision, they say a kansas church can push their message outside military funle rals. jeffrey toobin is on the phone with us. jeff, let's start off here, is this a surprise to you the court's decision? because this is a case that
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everybody's been watching. >> reporter: it's a pain until awful case and the westboro baptist church is an insuggelt religion everywhere. but the decision is not a surprise. these statements in this context, nondisruptive statements about politics, are at the heart of what the first amendment is all about even if it's a distasteful awful situation. and the as a result not at all a surprise. >> we'll get back to you in a moment. i want to dip into our own fred reporter in berlin. >> reporter: they were going to fly or were coming from a commercial flight going in or
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out. the police tell me one person is in custody, the apparent shooter. and u.s. military says it appears to be a young man of kosovo nationality. >> no details about him, but what is known from your own experience, security that the airport. >> reporter: security at that airport has been considerably tightened up over the past couple of months because there have been a range of terror threats that german authorities took very seriously against installations here in the country. of course arntairports were amo those that had the highest security. so a lot of german police with light automatic rifles. and it seems to be the indication that the shooter was stopped very quickly if indeed me it on to the bus. so security has been tightened,
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but also that airport is one that is frequently used by u.s. service members to get back home from deployment, and also to get to deployment. there are a lot of u.s. service members stationed in gemp any, so quite a frequent sight to see american military personnel go in and out of that airport. when or not the shooter was looking for that is sitill unclear. >> cnn usa has joined us. americans concerned certainly for their service members in germany right now. there is quite a number of them that use the air base that is right there. and, fred, if you can, recap what -- >> you've been listening to cnn international. we want to go to barbara starr to give us a sense, barbara, if you will, the significance of this. frankfurt international airport, we were watching, we saw some live pictures just moments ago. this is a very busy, busy place for a lot of americans, but
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particularly american military. >> reporter: i've traveled through that airport to cover some military events and been given rides back and forth by the u.s. military. they've run regular shuttle buses, regular transportation from ramstein air basend the commercial hub which is frankfurt airport. this is a major transit facility for u.s. military forces moving all over europe and forces moving in and out of the war zone, if you will, on to the middle east. we're getting initial indications that they believe the victims were u.s. air force personnel headed as they say down range into the war zone region in to the middle east.
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they were security forces apparently headed off to that war zone area on deploy the. the question that is going to come to mind i'm sure is whether or not the alleged shooter knew they were military troops. often they change in to civilian clothes so they keep a much lower profile overseas. so that may be one of the key questions here. were they in uniform, did the shooter know that they were u.s. military personnel, were they specifically targeted. a major investigation verse now under way by german authorities in to all of this. >> and being familiar with how the military travel respect when they talk about a shuttle bus carrying u.s. soldiers, does it typically have something on the outside of the bus that identifies them as u.s. military personnel or could it have been
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simply any other kind of vehicle that this suspect had boarded and was not aware that they were actually targeting u.s. soldiers? >> reporter: i have to tell you, in recent years in all of the military shuttles that i have taken at least around the world back and forth to airports, they are absolutely unmarked and there are places in the middle east where military smulghuttle buses run from military bases to commercial airports carrying troops back home on leave, that sort of thing, with very extraordinary security procedures so they are not notic noticed. it was my experience in germany unmarked, our driver was in civilian clothes. that said, if somebody really wanted to conduct some sort of attack, often it can be figured out who these people are.
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if you see a vehicle pull up in and a lot of young american men get off with big backpacks and short haircut, you might determine that this they are u.s. military personnel. there's enough of a rue even very often to these kinds of transportation arrangements. but the military does go to some lengths to try to provide security and to encourage troops to keep a low profile as they travel overseas. it's not often, but do you sometimes see them in u.s. military uniforms. and when i have seen that in airports, my reaction is, huh, why didn't you change into civilian clothes. that's one of the standard practices so they don't stand out too much. >> okay, we'll get back to you in a moment. i want to bring in jeff beatty, a security consultant. brash bra bri we don't know whether or not those two u.s. soldiers were
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targeted, we don't know whether they had markings on the outside identifying them as u.s. military. what do you make of the situation? is there evidence that in fact the military u.s. americans, that they were targeted or is it something that we just can't determine yet? >> i think you're right to say let's be he came issues about making assumptions. however, some inferences are safe to draw. reps are not as prevalent in germany as they are in the united states and for someone to be carrying a firearm, you have to believe that they intend to use it. and as events continue to up fold, we will probably see it as some sort of casing of the american routine had proceed seeded the attack and i understand we have one person in cut custody that that person had been involved in the casing
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activity and knew exactly who they were going to go ahead and target and the first information i had was that they actually got on to the bus and we'll have to see if that proves to be true or not. but normally in a situation like this in germany in particular where firearms are not as prevalent, it points to someone who carefully planned the operation and implemented it. >> explain what is the security situation in the frankfurt airport. >> frankfurt has an outstanding security situation in the airport they have programs that try to anticipate the attacks and prevent from happening. one is called first observer. we train shuttle drivers to be alert for potential terrorist activity its and take corrective
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action and report casing activities. but in the case of frankfurts, they have great security inside the airport, inside the airport. even in our airport, once you get past the airport it's good, but in those softer areas which is at the curb, so clearly thought was given to this. they didn't try to attack people inside the terminal where security forces are strong, but there is a weak point when you're arriving at the curb and that seems to be where this was exploits exploited. >> just as to recap, two personnel military killed at the frankfurt international airport. still a lot of unanswered questions, but we know two have been killed and that there is a man from kosovo that has been taken into custody.
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another story, congress how looking ready to head off a government shutdown on friday. the senate is set to follow the house lead at this very hour. and is voting right now on funding the government through march 18th. republicans get $4 billion in cuts that they demanded. we want to go to talk back next with carol costello about obviously what is taking place, that critical vote. >> we're also going to talk about mike huckabee because many are wondering if his big gaffe yesterday was a calculated slip or was it just a mistake. and political gamesmanship, it can be vicious and misleading. mike huckabee, the former arkansas governor, the fox news personality and potential 2012 presidential contender. huckabee falsely said president obama grew up in kenya.
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listen. >> i would love to know more, but what i know is troubling enough. and one they think that i do know is having grown up in kenya, his view of the brits, for example, is very different than the average american's. >> sorry for the burning video there. i don't know what that was. but you heard what mike huckabee said. huckabee spokesperson later told cnn huckabee misspoke, he plenty to say indonesia. that's where president obama lived from 6 to 10 years old. and then he left for his native hawaii. okay, huckabee admits, the president was born in the united states, but what funny ideas did the young mr. obama pick up overseas during elementary school? his spokesman told cnn the governor would however like to know who are about where president obama's liberal policies come from and what else the president plans to do in
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this country as do most americans. makes you wonder if thomas jefferson changed his politics when he lived in france for five years or herbert hoover when he lived in china as a boy help hoover was even fluent in chinese. so talk back today. why does huckabee imply living abroad made president obama more liberal? cnn. we'll have your answers later. >> a lot of people talking about this one, as well, why the misstatements keep coming off about president obama and whether or not that's intentional or it's a mistake, a political strategy. >> you know about the poll where 41% of americans aren't sure if the president was woborn in thi statement. >> and they hear something like huckabee's statement and people believe that. all right. thank you, carol. also developing now, tennis great serena williams has
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his latest rambling speech lasted about 2 1/2 hours. nick roberts was in the room and joins us live from tripoli. you were up close. tell us about his demeanor. what was that like? >> reporter: he was immediately surrounded by his loyalest supporters just gathering around him will and he stood this at the front of this room of several hundred people and he stood there for ten minutes with his hands in the air taking all the support, having people cheer him. when he sat down in the speech that just went on and on and on, international to domestic, international, just all over eve place, at times stopping so people could remind him of specific dates that he couldn't
11:19 am
remember, the name of a union that he cooperate remembhe coul. but even as he was speaking in that r5078, there were attacks going on yet he was saying there is time for the rebels to hand in their guns, they can leave the country if they want to. so it was sort of flying in the face of everything halves going on. he was very clear that the united states, he had a very clear warning thp abo. this is what he said. >> translator: we will not accept this, thousands of people will be -- thousands and thousands of people will be killed if america or the atlantic pact intervene in our
11:20 am
country. >> reporter: he said ultimately the international community will be the ones to lose in libya. >> thank you very much. appreciate that. i want to go to ben wedeman. he's just left the area where you have news of a possible bomb or explosion. what you can tell us? >> reporter: it wasn't a possible bomb or explosion. it was a bomb that fell about i'd say 100 feet from where we are. that is the second bomb to fall today. the second bomb fell when we were just outside of b represent aga which appears to be under control of anti-gadhafi forces after a day long battle between libyan army soldiers and essentially militia of the opposition. they were deadly bringing in
11:21 am
more wounded. at least four dead, 23 wounded. and of course that's only one hospital in the area. other wounded are being taken further up the road. but clearly moammar gadhafi is not sitting tight he's trying to get control. >> to you believe that gadhafi was targeting citizens? >> reporter: i think they were targeting a large group of people. in both cases today we were among well over 100 people from the area, some armed, some not. but clearly the air force saw this as a target and therefore dropped those bombs. >> and the people who were hit, those civilians, were those demonstrators, protesters, people who were actually armed
11:22 am
or just people walking around? you can describe for us the scene? >> reporter: the second, we were at the edge of brega where there were signs with pictures of gadhafi on it, people were rips them down, trying to set it on fire. others just local residents out celebrating what they see as a victory over gadhafi forces. we're surprising that libyans may have received intelligence that there were a large number of opponents of regime in that area. the first bomb that occurred, nobody was hurt. the second bomb i suspect people were injured, but we left the area very quickly. >> what was the response of the people will when they realized what was taking place?
11:23 am
>> first panic and then anger. everybody with a gun started shoot mana shooting in the direction of the airplane. i saw one man throw his box of juice up in the air in the direction of the plane. people very angry, screaming and shouting, cursing gadhafi for this kind of attack. not everybody was a waiver the very long speech gadhafi made in tripoli and they said look at this, this is a clear proof that as one man told me, he's a liar. >> when you say you left the area and trying to get out there as quickly as possible, were there other people who were joining you, did the crowd disperse, were they all headed to another direction? >> you don't want to stick around when airplanes with playing overhead and dropping
11:24 am
bombs. everybody in a great panic jumped into their cars and ran away. we almost had an accident as we were trying to escape the scene because it was just pandemonium. you don't want one of those bombs to fall anywhere near you if you can avoid it. >> and was there any sense when they were panicking, run, jumping in their vehicle, did they know where to go, did they feel like there was someplace that was safe for them or not? >> reporter: the safest place is somewhere else. everybody was going somewhere else. will is to where to hide. this is open desert. your only protection is the terrain. if there's a low spot, you get in it, you hug the ground. but when they were driving around, they were just driving away because i think people understand that any large collection of people in cars is an obvious target for any plane flying overhead. >> ben wedeman just out of
11:25 am
brega. please be safe. we're following the story. ben wedeman reporting now that libyanian forces looks to be throwing -- unleashing bombs on people on the ground there. some armed and unarmed protesters who are asking and demanding that moammar gadhafi leave his position, that he no longer be in power. this comes amid a very strong statement from gadhafi again today before his people and the world that he's not going anywhere. this after a quick break. like nature valley. granola bars made with crunchy oats and pure honey. nature valley -- 100% natural. 100% delicious. [ laughs ] not funny. act my age? -why? -why? -why? i love the sun. past sun goddess. every line has a story. [ female announcer ] we all age differently. now there's roc multi-correxion 4 zone moisturizer with roc®retinol and antioxidants. a lifetime of stress lines, sun damage,
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breaking news stories. we want to take you to the frankfurt international airport, one of the stories we're following. we've heard from several people on the ground there as well as our pentagon correspondent br h barbara starr. what we know is that two u.s. military personnel were killed when a suspect boarded a bus that was transporting those military personnel at the frankfurt airport. there is one person that we know is in custody, a young suspect from kosovo. want to bring in a spokesperson for the prank furthfrankfurt aie phone joining us now. sir, if you can give us an update on what we know at this time. >> well, so iffar we have an
11:29 am
incident in front of terminal two, two dead, two injured. it was a u.s. military transport bus. we know somebody either entered the bus or whatever happened and then shot. the police is at the site investigating and a spokesman, as well, so all the information we're getting currently is from the police. as far as the airport is concerned, air traffic is normal. everything is back to normal. but the bus lane is closed at the moment in front of the terminal. >> you say the bus lane. how is this vehicle entering the airport? is this a place where people come and go, was this a private entrance some specifically for
11:30 am
military? >> anybody can enter and there's a bus lane and you have transfer buses shuttling people from one terminal to the other terminal or other bus has take people downtown plus you have certain areas where hotel buses will stop and obviously there was -- sometimes you have pick up buses and i assume but i cannot confirm that that that was a pick up bus from the u.s. military, but that is something you'd have to confirm with either the police or the u.s. military. but it's a public lane. >> do the police know how the suspect got into that particular area in that terminal is this was he on foot, was he in a vehicle, as well? >> that is information i don't have. you'd have to ask the police or we can refer you to the police and give you the spokesperson. but we don't know at this point. >> do we know if the one person
11:31 am
who has been taken into custody is that the only person that they're looking for in terms of being involved in this incident? is there fib else that they're looking for? >> that he another information that we have at this point. >> what is the condition of the suspect who is in custody? >> we don't know. >> do we know if he was shot or taken peacefully? >> we don't have that information yet. we're in the same position as you are. we're waiting for information on that. >> we appreciate the information you're able to give us. obviously if you have more detail, we'd appreciate another conversation. i want to as well go to our pentagon correspondent barbara starr after the break. [ male announcer ] america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front.
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a presenting news story out of washington. we've just watched the senate pass the budget bill. this is an extension to fund the government, the federal government, for another two weeks to keep the government operating. and running as the congress, members of congress, continue the debate over what kinds of cuts need to be made to move forward. but as of now, they are kicking the can forward, a two week extension on the budget until they can figure out more serious issues in terms of long term budget cuts that need to be made that will pass the house and the
11:35 am
senate. that just happening in washington. another story, a well, a shooting at frankfurt international airport. we now know that two u.s. military personnel have been killed, two have been injured. and we know that there is a man from kosovo who has been taken into custody. barbara starr joins us with more details. what have you learned? >> reporter: what we do know, two killed, two wounded. the military personnel are u.s. air force personnel, security specialists actually transiting, if you will, from their post in the united kingdom in britain on to germany and then on to the war zone for deployment. that is the initial information that we have. this will be a matter of some concern to u.s. military forces. they always look at these security incidents.
11:36 am
they'll want to figure out if in fact the alleged suspect had any type of relationship with the u.s. military, had had any interaction with military forces in germany. we don't know the answer to that, but that said, a lot of the security personnel that work at u.s. military bases in germany are civilians, many of them are immigrants in to germany, not german nationals. can i tell that you there have been incidents in the past of security concern where they run background checks on people and they're just not suitable for this base security work. that's something we've been told correctly by personnel. so they will certainly look at this suspect and see if he had tried to get a job on base, whether he had encountered u.s. military personnel or had any reason to understand that this shuttle bus was carrying u.s.
11:37 am
troops. so what that is likely to be significant part of the investigation. and whatever they learn will be of concern to all transportation arrangements for u.s. person nell in europe and around the world. they try to keep a low profile when the u.s. military move through some of the nonu.s. airports. it's always a concern and today of course tragedy struck. >> and we've been looking at maps showing germany and terminal two where this took place. is there any reason to be concerned about the suspect being from kosovo? you can give us a sense for our viewers what the meaning is, if there is any meaning behind that? >> i'm not sure that we really know yet. very early on in this incident and details still coming to light.
11:38 am
but it is going to be an issue. we've had sources we've talked to in the past about people that work on u.s. military bases. they run very tight security checks on them and in the past they have had some of the nationals that have proven to be unsuitable and they have been removed from their jobs. we know this directly from military security personnel that we have spoken to in recent months in germany. now, that's not to cast anything bad on the immigrant community. there are so many people that serve in these jobs very honorably with distinction and there are no problems, but they do have security checks that they must run. so there will be a concern, did this person try and get a job, did he interact with the u.s. military personnel, why would he have gone after them. clearly i think it's the case that they are going to suspect
11:39 am
he knew exactly who he was attacking. he perhaps, perhaps, did not just wander up to some bus at the curb in frankfurt and start shooting. he may well have known who he was going after and that will be part of investigation. >> and you've traveled many times with the military, you've been there to the frankfurt international airport. what is that like? what kind of precautions are they taking, what is the security situation this on the ground? >> i think one of your previous guests articulated it best. inside frankfurt airport, very significant security procedures as we see in all major airports around the world these days. at the curb, that is just like you and i would pull up in a schultz bus and get out to proceed on to our gate and get on our flight. for u.s. military personnel, they do try and keep that low profile most of the time, not
11:40 am
all the time, but most of the time, they travel in civilian clothes, in unmarked vehicles or buses. they try and keep a low profile. it's just good practice these days. there are airports in the middle east i can tell you having recently traveled through that u.s. rooms regularly go new as they come back and forth between home and the war zone. they have significant security procedures in place to ensure they have a very low profile. they have emergency procedures if troops run into trouble, they know exactly where to go in that airport to get help. these are things that we don't openly discuss for their security. but all of these kinds of arrangements are in place. but it at the curb, somehow somebody knew today that these personnel would be there and went after them. it's hard to believe at this point that the alleged shooter
11:41 am
did not know that these were u.s. military personnel. >> barbara starr, thank you for your perspective. we'll write more details as the story warrants after the break. it's megan. i'm getting new insurance. marjorie, you've had a policy with us for three years. it's been five years. five years. well, progressive gives megan discounts that you guys didn't. paperless, safe driver, and i get great service. meredith, what's shakin', bacon? they'll figure it out. getting you the discounts you deserve. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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11:43 am
we're following several breaking news stories, this one out of brega, libya.
11:44 am
ben wedeman reporting that there were several explosions that libyan official, military dropping bombs in that area in the town of brega. and several of them reporting now, ben wedeman saying that the crowd disbursed, that there was panic and chaos on the ground that these were people who were protesters, some armed, some not armed, who saw from the sky what they identified as libyan military personnel dropping bombs on those people in brega on the ground. obviously a situation that is escalating out of libya as many opposition leaders and folks on the ground calling for gadhafi to step down. another story out frankfur international airport, an attack on u.s. military personnel at that airport. officials now reporting on the ground as well as our own correspondents that two soldiers
11:45 am
have been killed, two have been wounded, that there is someone in custody now simply identified as someone from kosovo. i want to bring in security analyst and also former fbi official on the phone now. when you hear this story about the military subtle bus coming into terminal two, a place where many people pull up to the curb, does it sound like this person in custody was specifically targeting american, knew those were american soldiers on the ground on that bus when he hit? >> yes, you make that assumption based on the fact that of all the thousands of vehicles that pull up to the curb each other or each day, that welcome one out that happens to have u.s. soldiers on board and start shoot, seemed like he had an tempt to do it. but it's a little too soon to do
11:46 am
all that. i would like to say that they are working with the frankfurt local piece to piece together what occurred and obviously what the motivation was for the shooter. the person in custody is a 21-year-old kosovo national. it they'll find out what his connections were, whether he was the german equivalent of a lone wolf or was he a part of others that inspired him or assisted him in doing the shooting. >> and you say obviously fbi personnel on on the ground working with airport officials. what are they specifically looking for? >> first they'll be gather the evidence because this is a violation of u.s. federal law. so this shooter could be prosecuted in germany, he could also be prosecuted in the united
11:47 am
states for killing americans overseas. so they will be investigatigath evidence as if that shooting occurred here in the united states with, of course, the permission and operation of the germans. the fbi has a very close work relationship with the german authorities at the federal level, the bka and each those states and major city police departments. >> when you talk about evidence, what are you talking about, physical evidence? what are they specifically searching for either on the ground, are they doing interviews? can you paint a picture for us here what they might be going through? >> the first physical evidence would be bullet casings and then later the ballistic examinations, trying to determine the shooter, the gun that the shooter used is actually the one that was used to shoot the bullets into the victims. they'll be getting eyewitness
11:48 am
accounts, they'll be tracing the route of the bus from the airport, trying to determine whether it was followed or whether he was already in waiting at the airport. it this particular airport, there are literally probably hundreds if not more u.s. soldiers coming and going from there on commercial flights every day being deployed throughout. so it's the gateway to the middle east in most cases or even to africa on connecting flights. so there's a lot of american soldiers that go through that airport. it would not be a long wait if someone was waiting there for one to come through or a bus from a military base to come in there. p. >> and would there have been a checkpoint, would there have been any point before they pulled up to the terminal and got off the vehicle where security would be checking for weapons, for explosives or is this the kind of place where they have not yet gone through
11:49 am
security yet and it is an open area? >> they've upgraded the squurt security in frankfurt. if he took a different bus and was dropped off there or parked in garage and walked over to the sidewalk away, probably has not gone through any security check point. most are wide even until you get either inside the airport or actually go through ticketing and you're on your way to the gate. >> do you see that as a security hole in some way, do you see that as something that needs to be connected or is this just one of those scenarios where at some point as you approach the airport you'll have people who are vulnerable? >> that's a different story as far as trying to plug that hole because that's a hole that exists. we don't stop everybody pulling up at the curb. we don't stop people that have
11:50 am
parked their car in the garage and walked over to the terminal area. so we don't do it here in the united states. very few countries actually do it. i know in tokyo, they will board a bus there and check you before you get in to the airport compound. but most airports in the world do not do any of that kind of checking as you're approaching an airport. >> tom, thank you so much for your time. we'll have more details about this breaking news story after this quick break. so many irresistible ways to treat yourself to lobster. like our new lobster-and-shrimp trio with a parmesan lobster bake, our decadent lobster lover's dream with both sweet maine and buttery rock lobster tails and eleven more choices, each served with a salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. come celebrate lobsterfest right now at red lobster. to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's motrin pm.
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the senate just voted to temporarily fund the government. ed henry, part of the best political team on television is live from the white house. we know this was part of a deal with the republicans. some major cuts. what can you tell us? >> about $4 billion in cuts. it passed overwhelmingly 91-1 in the senate. very rare to see such an overwhelming majority. there are a lot who do not want to see a government shut down now. a lot of finger pointing and polling going on. which party would take the blame. he's going to sign that later today or tomorrow. make sure the government stays open. but just for two weeks. we're picking up from democratic
11:54 am
sources the white house wanted this to be a 30 day extension maybe for a month instead of two weeks. the reason being is there are a lot of lawmakers to do the two weeks, two weeks. they want to see a bigger broader deal to keep the government open for a longer term. there is some fear that this is just kicking the can down the road. people fearing a government shut down. bottom line is we are reporting on the hill that she is picking up from senate democrats that vice president biden is heading up the hill. the white house wants to bring all sides together and get the negotiations going. they want to hammer out a longer term deal to make sure we're not doing this constantly up against the possibility of a government shut down. >> a piecemeal fashion. >> yes. >> thank you so much. good to see you. for the latest political news.
11:55 am
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11:56 am
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11:57 am
now is your chance to talk about on one of the stories is that making headlines.
11:58 am
a statement made about president obama. the possible candidate said that obama is influenced by where he grew up. well, some people would think harmless enough. he went on to name the wrong country. a lot of confusion of huckabee's statements. >> how many books have been written about the background? about 150? sit a political tactic to continue rallying the support of the birthers for the gop.
11:59 am
it is a down right childish false and manipulative move. i might agree with the thought that some can be more liberal. huckabee is now a fox media person and i believe this statement is more for his fox personality. >> i was going to travel the world to broaden my horizons a little bit. but huckabee is right. it is a bad thing. >> i will be back in about ten minutes. >> thank you. >> sure. top of the hour, want to get you up to speed with this developing story. american troops come under attack at frankfurt airport in jeremy. one u.s. airman is dead and another severely wounded in the
12:00 pm
shooting. a shuttle bus driver may be dead as well. it is believed that german police may have a young man from cosovo in custody. if you could clear up for us, is it one or two u.s. personnel that may be dead? >> well, still unclear. i just got off the phone with the police there and they are saying there is one u.s. service member who was killed. the other person who was killed was indeed the bus driver of the u.s. military bus. it's not clear whether or not the person who was supposed to drive that bus is a german national or possibly also an american civilian or aloysius anagonye american service member. that's still unclear at this point in time. the police they are not willing to make any statement of that. they are now saying that there are two people, both of them apparently u.s. service members who were severely wounded in that incident. and u.s. military has been
12:01 pm
saying that the american troops who were killed and injured in that incident were u.s. air force personnel who are normally stationed in the united kingdom. about the shooter, the police have confirmed to me that the man they have in custody tells them that he is from co-sew voe. they have confiscated the weapon that was used but the police were not able to tell me if it was a rifle or some sort of pistol. we know he managed to get on the bus and opened fire and at some point was obviously overwhelmed by some people. >> do we know how he got on the bus? did he just jump on the bus? any idea where the suspect was in all of this? >> it appears that he just jumped on the bus. from what we are seeing from the video and al from what i know from the airport terminal is the bus was parked directly at the sidewalk, at the curb, which was
12:02 pm
a bus lane which is one one, by the way that is very frequently used by american troops to fly to deployments and fly back to the u.s. also flies its troops from frankfurt commercially back to a destination that they might need to reach. it is not uncommon to see the personnel there. or whether or not this was spontaneous. >> maybe too early to tell, but do we know if any military personnel, were they armed, able to shoot back or defend themselves in anyway? >> it doesn't appear as though they. >> armed. it would be a stretch to think they were in the airport terminal armed. normally that's a place where only the german security forces would be armed. it doesn't appear from what i
12:03 pm
have heard that the shooter himself was wounded in anyway. we do have to note that that terminal area is one with very heavy security. the germans beefed up security there recently. they were expecting or fearing terror attacks against german insulations. >> we will get back to you as we learn more details. we do know that one u.s. serviceman was killed, the bus driver as well. we're not sure if he is an american soldier or not. we do know that one man in his early 20s has been taken into custody. someone who is a citizen of cosovo. we are following the developing story out of leap ya.
12:04 pm
can you tell us what about? >> was when we were outside the town beheard an airplane overhead and the tell tell sound of a bomb falling. we all hit the ground. and the bomb, a huge explosion went off, i would say, about 100 feet perhaps away from us.
12:05 pm
everybody was trying to get away, running for their cars. trying to get away from the crowd of people which is an obvious target for any planes flying overhead. >> what was the reaction of the people on the ground when they realized they were being bombed. >> i saw a man throw his box of juice into the sky to try to hit that airplane. people were very angry. people were well aware that gadhafi had made another long speech. his opposition other than al qaeda operative a a good deal of
12:06 pm
anger expressed at the scene. and the forces that remain loyal to him. >> thank you so much. obviously we will get back to you as the details warrant. the libyan protest leaders reportedly may ask the united nations for military help. the "new york times" and washington post report that rebels say it may take air strikes to uproot gadhafi. the global community must prevent a slaughter. >> the no-fly zone is not a long term proposition. assuming the outcome is what all desire. i believe we ought to be ready to implement it as well as necessary. >> two american warships are moving through the canal today headed into the mediterranean sea.
12:07 pm
>> justices say that a kansas church can push its anti-gay message outside military funerals. the father of a dead marine brought the case. congress headed off a government shut down that was set for friday. the senate followed the house lead and voted to follow the government through march 18. republicans got $4 billion in cuts that they demanded. also developing today, tennis great serena williams has emergency surgery. she developed a blood clot in the lung which was treated last week but monday she was diagnosed with a hematoma.
12:08 pm
that's when blood leaks and collects in the tissue. and on the run down. women making strides in education. they still don't make as much money as men. your chance to choose the news and stories that you get to pick straight ahead.
12:09 pm
12:10 pm
12:11 pm
well, was it an innocent mistake or a calculated slip? questions are swirling about mike huckabee's statement about obama is influenced by where he grew up. the only problem is he went on to name the wrong country. now it's your turn to talk back on this story. carol is joining us. carol, i know you're getting a lot of folks weighing in on this one. >> i am. the question here, political gamesmanship. it can be vicious and unfair and misleading. take mike huk booe. he mistakenly said that president obama grew up in
12:12 pm
kenya. >> what i know is troubling enough. one thing i do know is his having grown up in kenya, his view of the brits is very different than the average american. >> huckabee's spokesperson said he misspoke. he meant to say indonesia. that's why president obama lived from the time he was 6 olds until he was 10 and then he left for his native hawaii. okay. the president wu born in the united states, but his spokesman told cnn the governor would like to know more about where president obama's liberal pomcys come from and what else the president plans to do to this country as do most americans. so what funny ideas did the young mr. obama pick up overseas during elementary school.
12:13 pm
so talk back today. why does huckabee imply living abroad made president obama more liberal? i welcome your comments. >> the one you want to see in detail next hour. here are the choices. as the fight for. >> some of the country's most determined rebels. by now you might wonder who has not heard about libya and the other revolutions in the middle east and north africa? there are some south korean act vis who have not. and that's -- the north koreans have not and the south koreans say they are spreading the word.
12:14 pm
vote by texting. vote one for guarding libya's oil. the nascar experience. winning story is going to air in the next hour. but with zyrtec® liquid gels, i get fast, 24-hour allergy relief. so i feel better by the time we tee off. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®.
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12:16 pm
we have some breaking news here we would like to bring to you. this coming from fox news.
12:17 pm
it is announced that its on air personalities. contracts of newt again grich and rick santorum have been suspended for 60 days and re-evaluated on may 1. to go ahead and throw that hat into the ring sochl that significant political moves coming from fox news as they say those contracts that have them beholden to that network.
12:18 pm
>> the man has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. >> and talk about a. >> talk about a stressful day at work. the walk collapses at work beneath a small crane. he was not injured. several streets were affected. wild fires have already scorches more than 18,000 acres. there is concern that shifting winds could push one of the fires towards a populated area today. at the start of women's history month, the white house is releasing a comprehensive report on the status of american women. we have highlights when it comes
12:19 pm
to education, ememployment. how are women doing? are things getting better or worse? there are surprises we are learning. >> there are surprises and so many changes. many of the norms of 40 years ago have completely reversed at least as indicated by this report. first i want to start with education. a very significant shift from 40 years ago. next, these degrees they are getting are not so much in the fields of engineering and computer science. though degrees by women are fewer than 20% and declining. women are going more into health and education fields and their graduation rates across the board are higher than men. >> so bottom line here, you know, you get your degree, we follow -- is it helping or hurting the more education? does that translate into more pay? >> that's the big question.
12:20 pm
we talk about the pay gap between men and women. it's shrinki ining it's not as prominent as it used to be. we are looking at it around 1979. and something else i found really interesting is as far as unemployment goes it used to be in a recession, unemployment was higher among women. now in more recent recessions we have seen that totally reversed with unemployment being slightly higher among men. >> where do you find most women in the work force? has that shifted as well? >> the white house seds that women are still going traditionally into female professions. i can tell you the top five professions right now. they are going into teaching. i mentioned education. secretaries being number one.
12:21 pm
nursing and home health aids. the white house says they call this traditionally female occupations. are continuing to seek degrees in these areas. and has ranked america's most toxic cities. baton rouge, louisiana number five. new york, then fresno, california. if you live in one of the top two cities, we have got that up next. ♪ escape definition. ♪ escape compromise. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus.
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12:24 pm
>> now the rest of the most toxic cities. before the break we told you that baton rouge, then new york and fresno. number two, bakersfield, california. and finally, philadelphia. it was named the most toxic city in the country. how far should the u.s. and other countries go to prevent gadhafi from killing his own citizens? forces have used air power to fire on towns that the opposition has already won. the u.s. and the u.n. have imposed sanctions.
12:25 pm
now there is a no fly zone that is being considered. >> we have also with our nato allies and with the pentagon begun to look at potential planning, preparedness in the event that we feel it's necessary for both humanitarian and other reasons that there would have to be actions taken. one of the actions that is under review is a no-fly zone. there are arguments that would favor it. questions that would be raised about it but it is under active consideration. >> we are looking at the no-fly option. >> we have heard secretary clinton there. also the military leaders not taking this lightly in anyway whatsoever.
12:26 pm
they have been expecting those doubts about how serious this is. how difficult it might be as well. have a listen to this. >> my military opinion is that it would be challenging. you would have to remove the air defense capability in order to establish the no fly zone. >> it is a complex operation to set up. it has been done historically. certainly if we were to set it up, we would have to work our way through doing it in a safe manner.
12:27 pm
>> you have got to actually go in there to take out the air defense capability first. that, of course, is an offensive military corporation. before you get to the point of saying don't fly anywhere. it's attacking another country. very delicate stuff. >> why is there a concern that the sbler national community would get too involved in what is taking place in libya. folks say we want to help out these rebels. >> all good rational there but it could backfire. they could say here is the west sticking their nose in again. let's remember. this is a popular uprising in libya. home grown. a lot of people want to keep it that way on the street.
12:28 pm
nato secretary general hesitant to go in the no-fly direction. you are talking there about russia and china already on the record to oppose it. and they have got veto power. >> we have seen no-fly zones in the past. sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. >> in the early 1990s after the first gulf war we had a no fly zone to protect shiites. the national community was already involved. managed to get around that by flying helicopters. and in the boz kneeian conflict in 1993, it was a gain instituted to prevent further slaughter. that was backed by u.n. man daldal dates. you got this whole thing with the u.s. again do we don't we. humanitarian issues.
12:29 pm
they could backfire. >> and the american people, do they have the stomach for perhaps another conflict? another war that is taking place? thank you, michael. >> exactly. good to see you. >> a reminder now about your chance to choose the news. all you got to do is vote by texting. vote one for guarding libya's oil. 2 for informing north korea or 3 for the nascar experience. the winning story is going to air later this hour. false claims about president obama, the latest from possible presidential candidate mike luck bo -- huckabee. i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving.
12:30 pm
we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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12:32 pm
that is the u.s. military a shuttle bus was attacked by a suspect who is now in custody. a gunman from cosavo. one u.s. military personnel killed. they are look iing the latest, telling us that people witness
12:33 pm
ed. >> people were actually fired upon citizens of libya as they called for gadhafi to step down. our other story is tax time. it is drawing closer. it is time to think about saving money. it's a good way to do it. you wouldn't believe what some taxpayers are actually trying to claim. i have never heard some of the ones that you will talk about today.
12:34 pm
someone tried to write off buffalo meat. he said it is a business expense because it has more protein than other meat. he tried to write off thousands of dollars. this one is pretty whacky. take a look at this photo. underwear a professional musician in rod stewart's band once tried to claim that his underwear was his stage clothing. he tried to deduct silk boxers, leather pants, hats. i can't believe that someone
12:35 pm
tried to write this off. a prostitute. a lawyer in new york tried to deduct the services to the tune of $65,000. what the tax court obviously paying prostitutes is illegal. >> unbelievable. >> all right. we appreciate it. >> two astronauts stepped outside today to attach a closet to the international space station. you are looking at live pictures there. crews used the module to transfer cargo. let's take a quick listen here. >> still working on this thermal cover removal. that is express logistics in carrier number four. that is one that is brought up to the station.
12:36 pm
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12:38 pm
and mickey rooney will talk about his personal situation. he says his stepson denied him food, medicine, stole his money
12:39 pm
as well as his oscar and emmy. the stepson denies those allegations. >> all right. not much time left for you to choose the news. here is what you got to do. vote by texting 223601 for guarding libya's oil, two for informing north korea or 3 for the nascar experience. the winning story will air in just a few minutes. to future generations. at northern trust, we know what works and what doesn't. as one of the nation's largest wealth managers, we can help you manage the complexities of transferring wealth. seeking to minimize taxes while helping maximize what's passed along. because you just never know how big those future generations might be. ♪ expertise matters. find it at northern trust.
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12:42 pm
new trouble for actor charlie sheen. police have taken custody of his twins. a.j. hammer joins us from new york. you have got the details on this. clearly this is a drama that continues to unfold. >> it really is a saga. just when you thought we had seen it all, now his ex-wife did get a court order to remove their two sons from his house. here is what members of the family are telling cnn.
12:43 pm
radar online post ds video showing sheen handing over the video. you can hear charlie telling the kids that he will see them soon. this is all bringing home to me how sad this all is. moler has had her own substance abuse problems. she is attended a sober living facility on a daily business. brooke posing for pictures with sheen and his two girlfriends not all that long ago. it wasn't that long ago that moler alleged that sheen threatened her. sheen is trying to prove that moler is still using drugs. before the sun had rizen in california, he was live on nbc's "today show" with his attorney. he was telling the whole world about what had happened saying he didn't know where his boys
12:44 pm
were. he talked to ktla talking about how surprised he was by what has gone down here. listen to what charlie said. >> did this come out of left field for you? >> out of the bleachers, actually. i was told that a restraining order was being delivered. i thought okay. i can deal with that. it was revealed that it was something much more serious. >> and if you want to follow the story mup more closely, charlie started his own twitter account. he has about 850,000 people signed up. people getting his tweets. he has been tweeting this morning and asking fans for questions. my sons are fine, my path is now clear p, dpeet is not an option. when he talks about hids kids he takes a decidedly different tone. he seems calm and lucid in stark contrast to the more erratic charlie sheen we have seen over the last few days. >> we watched that interview recently where he seemed like he
12:45 pm
was very vibrant and at times agitated. a lot of energy that he had that evening to ask whether or not he was still clean or sober at that moment. >> yeah. and the moment the subject of the kids come up, it's much less excited. suddenly something is really hitting home. will the kids being taken away be that rock bottom? that remains to be seen. we only hope things are good for the kids right now. as somebody pointed out earlier today they have a lot of money and a lot of nannies around so the kids are being looked after by the proper people right now. >> how do we know that they are actually okay? in good custody? that there are people who are actually able to care for these children during this difficult time? >> again, it really comes down to holding out hope that the fact that there are nannies employed here. that they are doing what needs
12:46 pm
to be done. every custody case is a two-sided battle. that was because the judge determined this is what's best for the kids right now. now charlie is going to fight back because he thinks that the kids are best suited with him or should be shared with him. i think the back and forth is going to continue. it is just a temporary order. we can only hope that the kids are getting the care that they need being with the people who are paid to take care of the kids. >> thank you for clarifying all of that. be sure to watch tonight to find out his whole story behind the battle for his i don't think sons. it airs at 5:00 and 11:00 p.m. eastern on hln. now is your chance to talk back on one of the stories that is making headlines. there are questions swirling
12:47 pm
around about mike huckabee's statement about president obama. the candidate said that obama is influenced by where he grew up. that's armless enough right? the only problem is he went on to name the wrong country. a lot of people have been talking back, talking with you. very strong opinions about whether or not what he said was appropriate. >> very strong opinions. mike huckabee said that president obama was raised in kenya and then indonesia. the implication was that it was bad that he was raised somewhere else because it influenced the president's politics. so why does huckabee imply that living abroad made president obama more liberal? it doesn' but it does make him a them and not an us. this from julia.
12:48 pm
i told you they were strong opinions. keep the conversation going. thanks as always for your comments. it is always interesting to read them. >> we will talk more about that later in the show. >> i will be listening. >> your votes are in. the winner for the next choose your news is up next. [ male announcer ] diane was already
12:49 pm
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i think after 30 days he got tired of counting. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor about chantix. and now through march 31st, get a limited-time money saving offer and see terms and conditions at even he admits he has a funny sounding name and an unusual life story. but more than two years into his presidency, barack obama faces questions about his citizenship, religion and background. . >> a possible presidential contender. >> one thing that i do know is his having grown up in kenya. >> a popular 2012 favorite is just the last in a long, long line of people who continue to
12:52 pm
get obama's background wrong. >> it was arguably the single most important issue. barack obama telling the american people i'm just like you. born in the united states. raised by a white single mother. and abandoned by his kenyan father. he spent two years with his mother in indonesia. admittedly he says he isn't just like you. his background is unusual. >> he's got a funny name and he doesn't look like all the presidents on the dollar bills. >> but the persistent questions and misstatements have successfully birthed a whole movement. >> let's see some back graund on you. >> we haven't seen any proof. >> i am fortunate enough to be an american citizen by birth and
12:53 pm
i do have the birth certificate to prove it. >> people who question his american identity, his faith and authenticity. political calculation or innocent mistake? it works. as a matter of fact, nearly a third of americans have doubts about whether or not their president is an american. now the misstatements continue. >> and the president has provited a birth certificate. what is behind all the continued false claims about president obama. professor of sociology in georgetown. thank you for joining us. do you believe mike huckabee misspoke? >> no i don't this is part of a well oiled strategy on the part of conservatives and republicans to pick holes at mr. obama's background and birth and to suggest that he's not quite american. he's un-american.
12:54 pm
not quite a pariot. he's not inside the ark of our normal story. this is a well played strategy trying to erode the confidence of the american people. and therefore his ability to leave. >> we know his mother was in kansas, his father from kenya. he was born in hawaii. this strategy back in 2012, if it was a real republican strategy, it didn't work back then in 2008. would it -- why would it be part of the play book in 2012 to
12:55 pm
nudge them forward to have the horse's nose that will stick forward on the finish line to suggest they might have success here. it's much more important now and consequencial now than it was a few years ago. >> do you think this is about race or beyond that? >> it's beau. it certainly has to do with race in the sense that mr. obama is
12:56 pm
the first african-american president. on the other hand, i think it's more broadly about ethnicity as well. there is internal debate and di acceptabili -- decent gs. mr. obama is the face. more broadly it is about pedigree as well. >> really quickly. why do you suppose there are still people who have doubts? why are there some americans who refuse to believe that he is truly an american and that he s is. >> the fact that we have never seen nb like him before occupy the space. he is like jackie robinson. he was as great a ballplayer as one can imagine but people were
12:57 pm
skeptical. can he hit, can ethrow? can eendure the assaults against him? people trying to support him and knowing that he is dealing with difficult offenses and people who oppose him will never accept him until he continues to prove that he is worthy of that ofis and we know he already is and we have to continue to assert his legitimacy. ethnic and legitimate issues as well. >> has not heard about libya and the revolution, right? >> well, south korean activists say north korea and they are spreading the word. paula reports. >> this is the propaganda war.
12:58 pm
dvds showing the north korean leader next to his starving people, footage that south korean activists often fly north across the border attached to helium balloons. the content of the dvds has changed in recent weeks. is not news footage of people in the middle east standing up to their leaders. the power of the people shown to a population that has no power and little knowledge of the outside world. this reads the lesson to be learned from the anti-dictator prodemocracy struggles is that freedom and democracy can only be won through physical sacrifice. the dvd was made before the unrest started. this man defected from north korea recently. he now works to north korea reform radio. he tells me he was affected by
12:59 pm
seeing a south korean propaganda dvd shows how affluent and modern seoul was and helped him make his decision. he tells me that people will draw a comparison. people wake up to the fact that they have been holding on to power for too long. what is happening in the middle east will help change the north korean mind set. it will be painfully slow and a revolution in today's tightly controlled north korea is just not realistic. >> people are disunited and isolated and people are terrified. it's not going to change any time soon. local media claims more recent

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TOPIC FREQUENCY U.s. 55, Us 18, Huckabee 12, Libya 11, Frankfurt 10, Germany 10, Obama 8, Mike Huckabee 7, Kosovo 7, Kenya 7, United States 7, Barbara Starr 5, Ben Wedeman 5, New York 4, Charlie 4, Indonesia 4, Moler 3, Pentagon 3, North Korea 3, California 3
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